Hey, my name is Owen Gray and I created RugbyMix with the purpose of providing rugby content that focuses on proper rugby analysis. You know, the nerdy stuff!

I find this stuff really interesting and I'm surprised at how little there is of this type of content for rugby (with a few exceptions). Whilst there is a plethora of podcasts, articles, interviews etc. talking about rugby I feel like there is just an extra level of detail and analysis that they rarely go into - and that's the stuff I'm craving.


I've kind of had this idea in my mind for a little while now, but there are a couple of notable inspirations that I feel I should shout out:

The 1014 Rugby - Two guys who are passionate about rugby and clearly share the same hunger for more detailed analysis as I have. In the peak times of their YouTube channel every video provided a "Wow, that's fascinating!" moment. Such a sham that they seem to have dropped off of YouTube but it proved that there is a demand for this type of content. I hope to one day see them in the shed again!

SquidgeRugby - I have a confession to make, I've lurked the r/rugbyunion subreddit for a long time now and I remember to days where Squidge was just a guy who was always in Friday night Pro12 Match Threads. His comments must have been insightful as I continue to frequent the subreddit today! Now he's the best in the business, pushing out amazing content on a frequent basis with a really unique and entertaining style.

Whilst these guys have been some inspiration for me to create RugbyMix, I do want to develop my own style and point of view on things. After all, what's the point in doing things like this if you're not going to be unique!